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Frankenbuild Case


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I'm now pretty much at the point where I'm going to strip out my Gen 7 and Gen 8, and build something with a bit more space and the ability to hold more RAM.


Plan is to sell the Gen 7, either as a whole, or in parts and do the same with the Gen 8.


Case I have finally decided will do the job is the Fractal Design Node 804.



I'll put my spare rig's i7-3770S in there with the P8Z77M board.

I've got enough 8gb sticks to give me 32Gb.

Drives will be a pair of SSD's, one for boot, one for VM storage.

Data will be 1x 2Tb WD Red, 3x4Tb WD Red 1x 6Tb WD Red.

I'll probably be keeping the P222, although I might get something a bit cheaper with 2 headers on it, not decided yet.

Got an Antec 450w PSU

Will probably stick a dual port NIC in there as well


Might, depending on how my main gaming rig handles Deathwing, stick my spare R9-270X in there as well for some RemoteFX goodness.





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Yeah, I was looking at re-casing my main rig into one as well which is what made me look at them for the Frankenbuild...

Just shy of £100 but I should see more than enough from selling off the Gen7/8 to fund this..

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I have the 804, it is a great case. HP support has said that Smart Array controllers should only be used in HP servers, something about hooks into the BIOS.

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Right, server is built, the case is actually really nice, big, when compared to the Gen7/8 but lots easier to work on...

Only weak point is the crappy little fan controller that comes with it, bit of a let down given the quality of the rest of it...


I was almost tempted to not build my server into it, but rather re-case my main rig but as it's pretty large it wouldn't have sat in the cupboard where my main rig sits or one the desk....


Current spec is....



32gb RAM

Asus P8Z77-M motherboard

Dual port Intel 350 NIC

Intel 1000MT NIC

Asus R9-270x


The GPU is just for RemoteFX duties and in the second PCi-E slot, means it blocks the board PCI slot at the bottom of the board rather than one of the more useful PCI-E slots, I might take it out and stick a controller card in there for more drives, but for now the boards 6 SATA ports will cover the 6 drives I'll be using (2x 850Pro 250's, 3x4tb WD Reds and 1x6tb WD Red).


I've got Server 2016 on there at the mo, plan is to build a Sophos UMT VM for it, using the 1000MT card and the internets entry point, then out into the team made of the other 3 LAN ports, will see how that goes then start to migrate the data and existing VM's to the new machine..

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VM with Sophos UTM on it is now live, using it now..

Cant get Plex to work though, got a rule in there, any source, service plex (created for port 32400) target Plex VM (created) yet it cant be seen from the outside world...

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