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What is AHCI and other Stuff


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I'm a newbie and I have a new Gen 8 with the latest firmware.


1. my bios shows i can boot from ODD so can i plug in a SSD and install an OS and away i go?


2. what is AHCI, do i need to enable it and what does it do?


3. Is it OK to do software RAID instead of using the the Hardware controller?


4. Can i disable to RAID controller?




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If you are planning to use Windows/Linux with one drive then you will ideally want to disable the raid controller by enabling AHCI mode. However I believe there may still be issues with the fan noise when you use AHCI mode? Hopefully someone can answer that.


The raid controller isnt really hardware raid anyway, if you were going to use raid 0, 1 or 10 then you may aswell use the b120i instead of AHCI..


Yes you can disable it, that's what AHCI mode is for.

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