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i have a new HP Gen8 Microserver and i have a problem with the WOL functionality.

When i want to wake up my Server with a magic packet from my tablet/smartphone (with an app) or my Kodi media center (running on a raspberry 2) it doesn't wake up, nothing happens.

WOL in the BIOS is activated, also on the OS Windows Server 2016 Essentials.

I have also installed Lights Out (not iLO) on the Server and my Clients, in this case everything is working fine.

I have absolutely no idea why Lights Out is working and other Apps not.

Hopefully you can help me


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I don't know how to wake the machine on LAN, but you can use iLO to boot it remotely. Also Powershell may have a cmdlet to do that?


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Did you have to do anything to get hibernate working once the OS was installed. I have 2012 Essentials R2, all the latest drivers and firmware but my G8 crashes when I try to hibernate. Basically all the fans and lights stay on but the server isn't accesible from the network, from iLO remote console and needs rebooting.

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