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We're upgrading our interweb connection at work, currently using an NSA240 with 3 connections into it but we're about to break the 100mb barrier (finally, the order was put in 18 months ago but the route to the exchange was crap and the ducting needed redoing).

I want something that'll go well beyond the 100mb mark as we'll be looking at it lasting 3/4 years ideally so chances are we'll push the connection up before then.


Looking at some Cisco stuff as well as TZ600, SG210..


Cisco, not a huge fan of ASDM, Sonicwall we have is a PITA config wise, probably down to the fact it as setup by an old IT company and pretty much nothing works properly, Sophos, a bit of an unknown personally but added it to the list as it crops up here every now and again..


Anyone else got anything to add to the list of things I should be looking at?

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I am migrating to 4 new 55xx-X ASA work. 3 are 5516, 2 in a failover cluster most data, one for a clean data for backup to azure and then a 5508 for DR. Will be getting the full firepower suite so in case for ips/URL/app/malware protection. Worth looking at even if not a Cisco fan. Second would be checkpoint firewall

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