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Moving Drives (in Array) to new Win2012 R2 install

Dwain Pipe

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I'm restarting this topic again...

Windows 2012R2 has had a bit of a wobble and rather than doing a restore from my backups, I'm going to do a fresh install.

I've swapped the SSD in the ODD for a new one.  I've gone into SSA and created a new RAID 0 array for the new SSD... but it can see my existing drives but hasn't got them in the 2 arrays I previously had!!!!

So what I did was...

1) shutdown Win 2012 R2

2) opened the lid and swapped the SSD for the new one.

3) started up and into the SSA.

4) select the new SSD in unallocated drives, created array, accepted the defaults (i.e RAID 0).

Then into the IP to get the Windows install underway from my external DVD player.

So what has happened to my existing arrays?  I can see from my original posts that I was trying to do the same type of thing and wasn't able to get the arrays back without losing the data on the drives, which I can't do again.

What am I doing wrong?

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Connected during the reboots of installing the new drive?

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Yes, the existing drive pairs, created as two separate RAIDs, were connected during all the steps I took.

I'm now considering going to HP's ESXI 6.5 image on the internal USB, then going the whole VM route with the Win2012R2 install.  I have tried this before as a sandbox and thought it ok once I had the hpvsa driver v.88 downgrade, NTP setup and HP ROK code put in to allow the installation.

I was disappointed how much hassle it was trying to create VM win10 clients, but I've got another machine with HyperV doing that very, very nicely now.

Go ESXI or native Win2012R2?

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On 11/16/2016 at 2:18 PM, Dwain Pipe said:

I initialised the drive and it DID wipe the drive.

Well, I might get this wrong, but I'd say this is why:

On 11/11/2016 at 6:58 PM, Dwain Pipe said:

I created the new ssd as a new array and new logical drive and I deleted the other two existing arrays for the 4 other drives I have in the bays (both are 2 drive pairs in an array as one logical drive each.


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Yes that is what happened last year, but today I shutdown the windows2012R2 installed, swapped the SSD to a new one and created a new array in the SSA.  The existing arrays were not showing and still are not showing.  

I've decided to go the ESXi route... I'm struggling to get it to boot to the new SSD, but I'm digging through the forum to find the answer.

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