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WHS V1 seems to be dead


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I started getting SMART errors on my system drive. As a first step towards cloning the drive, I attempted to remove an identical drive from the system that I could clone to.The remove process got to about 95% and stayed there for a couple of days.


I then tried running chkdsk /f on the system drive, but it also ran for days without completing.


I rebooted the system, and now I can't get in using either the console or RDC. The system starts up and I have a power light, a flashing network light and a solid blue HDD light, nothing else. I suspect it is running chkdsk, but that it is not completing- been that way for a couple of days.


System is an Acer Aspire H340.


I have folder duplication on for all of my important folders.


What should my next step be?



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I just went through something similar with my WHS v1. Turned out the motherboard had failed.


When you reboot the computer, do you get any signs of life at all? Can you get to the BIOS setup screen?

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