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Fans hit 70% when logged into Windows


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Hi there,

Since new I have gone through many iterations of config and to be honest I am a little lost. I installed Windows 10 Pro this week and have noticed that the server is damn loud again. I have the latest firmware (J06?) but notice when Windows is booting the fans hit 13% but as soon as Win is logged in then they ramp up to 70%.


Windows is booting from an SSD - this is in RAID 0 mode with 4*3TB drives in another RAID configuration (5 I think). The BIOS is set to p120i RAID mode so I thought that the fan speed issues would not affect me (maybe I am wrong). 


Is there anything to look for or should I bite the bullet and factory reset the whole shebang? If so, is there a definitive guide to installing Win 10 on an SSD with 4 drives for data? 



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