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Highpoint Rocketraid 2720 SGL - Connection and Bios issues


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Well, if I tell you why this is, I'll be booted out of the forum (and quite rightly so). Nobody made a mistake, except for me: I accidentally bought the Rocket 2720SGL, instead of the RocketRAID 2720SGL. An honest, but nonetheless stupid mistake. Now I have to return the card, and I bought the LSI 9341-8i MegaRAID instead (for expansion possibilities). Anyhow, another 150 bucks through the drain for a new card and two cables. but hey, what can you do ;-) Thanks for the support!


Glad you found the issue.  You will be happy with the LSI but had you had the RocketRaid, it would of also been fine.  Either way as long as it works you are good to go, after all, it is only money... :D

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