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Dynamic Smart Array B120i RAID general help!


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Firstly let me start by saying that I'm a bit out of my depth when it comes to servers and there operation. In fact I bought the Gen 8 installed Win 7 on it and really only use it as a regular computer with the raid facility.


My knowledge of raid and it's inner workings is limited. I have the following set up


An SSD attached and x4 2TB drives in bays 1-4


The four 2TB drives are setup in a raid 1 format, the SSD in raid 0


When I set this up I really didn't know what I was doing and I believe I asked on here for assistance or perhaps found a guide. So I have a number of question and sorry if they are basic rookie questions.


1) When I setup the drive config in the smart storage admin and then booted into windows it just shows two of the four drive in my computer. Is this normal?


2) I'm using these drives and with the raid 1 setup my understanding is that 2 of the four drive will be copies of the other 2. Eventually I'll want to replace drives or format the current drives to gain extra space, If for example we use bay 1 and 2, 2 is the copy right? Going on that assumption can I remove the hard drive in bay 2 and store in somewhere and at a later date install it in a PC or hard drive caddy and access the data on it, or is that not how it works?


3) If at some point I want to upgrade my drives say to 4 8TB drives, will I be able just to insert the new drive and that's that or will I need to use the smart storage admin to setup the new drives up


Sorry for the long winded question, any help would be most appreciated

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1. In Windows disk management I think you would see three drives, the SSD and two 2TB RAID1 volumes.

2. It would be good to see a screenshot of SSA to confirm what you have, but the drives would be in mirrored pairs. If you split one of the mirrors you could remove one of the drives and have an exact copy of your data at that point in time. I do not think you can take the drive to another computer and read it, as it was formatted on an HP controller. I have not tried it.

3. The B120i does not support RAID set expansion. To increase your drive sizes you would need to setup a new RAID1 set and copy the data to it.

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