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Cannot connect to Highpoint Rocketraid 2720 SGL


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Hi all,



as my data nees increase, I have bought a Highpoint RocketRaid 2720 SGL (mounted on an ASUS P9X79 Motherboard), to which 8x4 TB WD RED HDD are attached. The idea is to have these disks operate in a RAID5 setup. In the process of this rebuild, I am reinstalling my Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit operating system. As one of the first things I wanted to configure the RAID, so that I can immediately transfer data and set everything up properly. However, no matter what slot I choose for the controller, I cannot seem to get past the "The connection between WebGUI and RocketRAID HBA has been interruptted, WebGUI will try to reconnect RocketRAID HBA in X second(s)." error message. is it a BIOS thing? Might be, I have downbloaded the latest BIOS from the web, but -assuming that I do not really have to make a bootable USB stick based DOS startup drive as we are in 2016 (please tell me I'm correct :-) ) - I am hoping for alternative ways. So, my questions:


- is there a way around the bootable USB stick way to update the bios?

- does that solve the connection issue?


Many thanks for your help!



Best regards from Holland


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This could be nothing more than a bad breakout cable.  If I understand you correctly, you want to create a second array using SSD drives and copy the data from the 4TB drives over to the new array, correct?  Why not just use 5x480gig drives instead of 10x240?

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many thanks for your reply. my apologies if I have been unclear. I have opened a new thread, because my initial post was not understandable, even for me. I unfortunately cannot delete it. Mý new thread:




 Best regards,




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