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How to bring an orphaned backup drive into a rotation set?


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I have two WHS 2011 backup drives that are not initialized as a set. They were each created independent of the other but contain different versions of the same files. I have been using them in an offsite rotation scheme by manually reassigning the disk label each time I swap drives. One is labeled WHSBackup01 and the other is labeled WHSBackup02. So, when I replace WHSBackup01 with WHSBackup02 I have to tell WHS 2011 that the server backup disk label is now "WHSBackup02"


The reason I ended up with this mess is I didn't understand that if I wanted to use the two drives in a rotation set I needed to have both drives inserted into the server when I initialized them. Now, several years later I have backup versions of the same files spread across both of these (independent) backup drives. Amazingly, I have been able to recover several very old files without drama, but the ongoing rotation of drives is a PIA.


I would like to fix this if possible so that I can do backup drive rotation as WHS 2011 intended. But if I try to add the 2nd backup drive to the set (i.e., without removing the 1st backup drive), WHS 2011 tells me the new drive already has a backup on it and it wants to first remove that backup. Is there any way at this point to add the 2nd backup drive to create a set without losing the backups on the 2nd drive? Would it be possible to initialize another new drive, copy the backups from the current 2nd drive to the new drive, and then let the new drive the the new 2nd drive? Other ideas?


Thanks, Jerry


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