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Completely reset bios/iLO?


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Long story short I disabled the USB ports in the bios I think(?) because keyboard input won't work on any ports when booting up, then after that it tries to boot from the HDDs and not the FreeNAS OS on the internal SD. I had to haphazardly dismantle the server to get at the cmos battery and pull that (why is it in such a hard to reach place?!) and after doing that it booted up fine using the internal SD. However I still can't access the bios or iLO, because at some point I set the iLO to use ipv6, I was hoping pulling the cmos battery would reset the iLO settings too and everything else but it didn't. There are some jumper switches accessible next to the raid card which I think might do it, anyone know?


Thanks in advance.

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