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Transfer ITunes on IMac to Windows Media Player on PC


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Help requested.

I have a friend that has an IMac with a large amount of media on ITunes. He has videos and music that must be moved from ITunes to Windows Media Player on his new PC running Windows 10. He does not want to use ITunes any more.

Would anyone have an easy way to do this?

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ouch! may have been cheap but as you have indicated its a one time thing, i would have copied the itunes folder from mac to portable hard drive. plug in portable hard drive to windows, copy itunes folder to music folder. open windows media player, choose organise from the menu bar>Manage Libraries>Music and select the media library location.


thats also the ituned default path so if he wanted to revert to itunes on windows, he just needs to install it and open it and it will pick his library back up and then he authorises the PC


all it cost is time.

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