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HP Smart ArrayP420 - Cache Problems


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Hello Community - First thread, till now I was more a reader


I have a problem with my HP Smart Array P420 Controller. It started with one of the 2 R5 Volumes dying (2 HDDs crashed at once). I experimented around with bringing back the Volume alive (One wasnt broken, but got kicked out almost permanently due to bad SMART)

So I turned the power off and on some times, to rescue some of the files (Werent anything worth really, but better safe than sorry).


Now I got the following problems which you see attached to this post.


I tested the 2GB Module with the Battery now finally at work - Both worked fine for a week in a LAB-ESXi Server (DL380 G8) on a P420. It seems due to the power off/on after the volume crashed it was thinking something is wrong with the cache module, which locked it.



Any ideas how I can get it back to working? Like putting a different cache in, mine back in? (I had no spare at work I can use for this atm)


I already put a brand new battery in from work, same problem for me. Also tested to flash it, but didnt work. Next weekend I'll try to downgrade the rom on it and upgrade it back.

2GB Cache is quite expensive, so dont want to replace it.



Btw. its a HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 - hope im still correct here


Thanks for help :)



Cache Fehler 1.JPG

Cache Fehler 2.JPG

Cache Fehler 3.JPG

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I have searched and I can not find any detail on resetting the controller. The P420 must track the cache module by serial number.

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