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"Backup" foider automatically added to removable drives


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Overall ,pretty happy with Windows 10 -  but there is one nagging problem -  not a show stopper but very irritating


thought I'd ask the wizards on this forum



When I leave a USB Drive in my Windows 10 machine -     it eventually has a "Backups" folder added to it !


The file name  is "BORGES_BACKUPS"  and it even shows up on a Ipod Nano after a while


The only backup program I have running is Crashplan and its being backup to to Crashplan central and it isnt set up for any local drives


The folder is empty and doesnt seem to be active in anyway -  it stays empty even after a week or more


Has anybody else seen something like this and have some idea on what is causing it ?



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Check the folder creation time and have a look at event log, may narrow it down somewhat, is it created at the same time (give or take)/same day of the week each every time. Have a look in task scheduler

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