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Netgear Orbi: Anyone other then me thinking of trying it? Read Me First.


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I am very excited about Orbi and the promis it holds after all its the worlds first 'Tri-Band' system, It has a good solid firewall meaning its a Stealth/SPI firewall and the user reports seem to agree it has great WiFi and speed but like anything else new products come with problems and missing features even from none startup company's that have been designing network equipment for years.


1. Orbi seems to have a intermittent internet connectivity outages with some devices and the workaround for now is to disable 'implicit beamforming, Click the link below to read about it.



2. There is no guest network at this time though its supposedly planed for the November firmware update.

3. Orbi does not support Ethernet backhaul though there is a feature request to add it, I would not only like to see them add it but also push the envelope and allow teaming with 2 of the 4 ports on the satellites for a total of 2 Gbps solid link to the satellites this would be awesome, They say there 3rd dedicated 5GHz radio provides a link of 1.7Gbps witch is amazing in itself but I want wired with even faster link speeds.


4. There are a few other things but nothing else that I would consider show stoppers for most.


On closing I will continue to have a heavy eye on Orbi and its at the very top of my list to purchase for my daughters new house but I am going to sit tight for awhile and see how everything unfolds with all these new bread of products, 

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