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Sophos XG V16 released

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On 6/28/2018 at 11:37 PM, pcdoc said:

If you have not seen it and you want to blow an hour

Just went back and re-watched part of your nice recording. I think their terminology "Static IP MAC mapping" is at odds with normal usage. What they have I would call a 'dhcp reservation' in that it is given out via dhcp if a request is received from that mac address. If the device with that mac address never asks for an assignment, the setting is ineffective. If I 'assign a static ip' to a device I do that on the device and it never asks for one via dhcp.


too bad they don't synchronize a 'ip host' name to go with  the reservation so you have to copy the reserved ip from the dhcp setup into the ip host definition.


or maybe I am just picky... in any case thanks for the fine video!

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