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IPv6 ACL help

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A while ago I bought an SG300-10MPP switch to use as my core switch.  I have it running in Layer 3 mode so that I could split up my network some and still provide interconnectivity between the VLANs.  I have it working with ACL's for IPv4 and it seems to be set up correctly, but now I want to add IPv6 to it (my ISP provides 6rd that I have working on the router at least).


Here's my network layout:

- 1 VLAN for server (WS2012R2E, Plex, etc...)

- 1 VLAN for 'work' computers (what's on my desk)

- 1 VLAN for 'home' devices (wireless, xbox, smart tv, etc...)


Both the 'Work' and 'Home' VLANs are capable of accessing the server VLAN, but they can't access each other.  I've learned with switch ACL's that you have to be pretty specific about what you do/don't want to have routed, otherwise the switch will just route to any IP address it knows.  The nice part of doing this with IPv4 is you have a pretty good idea what IP addresses to expect in a given VLAN, so the list is fairly easy to compile.


What I'm unsure about is if I need to do anything special for IPv6 link-local addresses, global broadcast addresses, etc...


Any ideas/recommendations?  Hunting through google is turning up lots of results to manuals that might tell me how to do a specific step, but I'm more looking for information on what the network should look like.  Once I know what it should do, then I can figure out how to do it.

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