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Samsung 750 EVO vs 850 PRO for HTPC/Plex Server


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I've had great experiences with Samsung's SSDs but haven't bought a new one since their 840 series. I need an SSD for a Plex server/HTPC I'm "building" but am unsure if I should go with a 750 EVO or 850 PRO. It's a $50 difference for the 256GB model.


Should I shell out the extra cash for the PRO model or will the 750 EVO suffice?

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The consensuses seem to say there about the same, Based on what I have read I would probably give it a shot and save 50.00, There is no doubt the 750 is slower but as has been said other then numbers most users won't notice it. I am also wondering y your just comparing the 750 Evo to the 850 Pro and not the 750 Evo to the 850 Evo? The 850 Evo had high marks last time I checked and even beat the 850 Pro in some test.


Here is a review from Anandtech comparing the 750 EVO vs 850 EVO, Take note of the performance chart the numbers are exactly the same for most of the benchmarks and I would say at only about 10.00 more for the 850 EVO over the 750 EVO it would be worth the extra 10.00 for the 850 EVO for an extra two years of warrantycand slightly better performance. The 850 EVO is no sloutch and you would still save big over the Pro. http://www.anandtech.com/show/10046/samsung-releases-750-evo-sata-ssd


This is a quick review with benchmarks using Samsung own software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFKxMR8HWgk


Storage Reviews http://www.storagereview.com/samsung_750_evo_ssd_review

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Had seen the reviews but wasn't sure for an HTPC application. Went with the 750 and used the extra cash towards more RAM. Thank guys :)

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