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HP microserver complete boot failure - any ideas please?


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I have an N36L HP microserver with 4 2TB disks in Raid1 on Win7pro. I came back from holiday and coudn't get it to boot at all. I could see disk activity, but a blank screen - so have put in a new PCIe video card and can now see where its failing to boot. I have tried system restore but the strange thing is it doesn't see the C drive at all, but says my TWO OSs are on G and I... One win7 and one win7Pro. In fact the only OS was installed to C: on the first RAID1 pair which also has a Z drive. when choosing a system restore date, that shows a path of C, but then 'restores' to G or I...


I think the RAID controller may have bust at the same time as the video card (spike on the power or lightning?). I seem to remember there was a combination of keys on booting that would get to the RAID settings, but cant see it or remember it... anyone know what that is please?


Also, I have a mate that I recommended this server to and he bought it but never configured it..its just in a lock-up -  so I could get a NEW N36L off him - but I know RAIDXpert is v tricky and am not sure where the configuration info resides. Can I just put all 4 disks in the new machine and turn on, or would that format all the disks and lose my precious data??? Is it better to move the new motherboard into my machine, or same problem?


I am currently not sure if its a hardware or software problem - I  have a caddy and could take the C drive out and have a look, but what would i look for? How can I rebuild the index properly? Or do I just buy another server and drives and start again... at least I could copy over my data onto new drives without losing it! Most is backed up but not the last couple of weeks of data and photos..


Thanks for your help guys!!




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