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Raid 10 vs Raid5/6 using ZFS on Debian

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Following a suggestion by Drashna Jaelre.  I am setting up ZFS on one of my Debian boxes.  I have been knee/waist deep into the docs on Oracle website.  I am very interested in trying this.  Being a hardware raid person this will be new for me.  This will be used on my Plex server.  I will have a backup of all the mkv files.  In the even of a disk failure it will just be a matter or restoring from backup.  The question I am posing is an age old debate of striping vs parity.  I will paste a link to a forum post from the FreeBSD forum.  It will was a good discussion on this topic.

I plan on starting with 4 1TB WD Red drives.  I will add more as I need them.  Why 1 TB drives?  I don't know but I get nervous with these larger drives when it comes to raid.  I think my limit would be 2 TB drives.  I know it may not seem rational.  I can remember when I was in IT.  I was swapping out 2 and 4 gb drives out of disk arrays.  It is incredible the amount data you can get in the same size drive these days.  Well enough of memory lane.

I was thinking of setting up a striped mirrored vdev (raid 10).  The recovery time would be quicker.  A drive could fail in both striped or raidz (raid5 or 6).  

Any thoughts pro and con doing this?

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Personally, I like this article: 



It's a good talk about the differences, and I think, covers a lot of the info you want to know.

Thanks for sharing that! Interesting read. Think I'll try mirrored vdevs on NAS4Free in my N54L and compare the pool performance when degraded and resilver time. 

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