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Low profile graphics card + USB stick on internal port?


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I am in need of some extra GPU transcoding power for Emby Theater, and was planning to add an Nividia GT 710 fanless graphics card (19 watt TDP).


My question is, will a low profile, single slot version of this card fit together with a USB stick in the internal USB port on the Gen8? I am using this port for booting purposes (SSD on ODD port). 


The card I'm planning to get is this one:



Ideally, I would put the dual slot version in with bigger passive heat sink for better heat dissipation. But I guess that won't fit for sure?



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GT 710 should be just fine. I was using a GT 630 for NVENC in mine without any problems and that has a higher TDP than the GT 710. Note that just using NVENC will not get anywhere near the full rated TDP. The NVENC engine is a dedicated piece of silicon that tops out at something like 5W. It doesn't use the GPU shader processors.

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