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GPU + VT-d - What's the best fit that i can buy?


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I need to get a GPU for my micro server that i can use for testing (it'll be passed through to a VM).


What nvidia GPUs will fit in the gen8 and be able to cope with the limited power output of the gen8 PSU?


I currently have a 1265 CPU in there so no problems with VT-d.


Many thanks


Matthew Phillips


P.s. I presume the requirements are Low profile and single slot?

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Those are the requirements some people have put in a gtx 750ti so they could use it to game a bit. Just seen this thread it isn't helpful because they give up getting it to work. I use a hd 5450 so I can watch films with bitsreaming on my amp they are very cheap if you wanted to play without losing a lot of money but otherwise I am sure someone with loads of knowledge will turn up. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%3A%2F%2Flime-technology%2Ecom%2Fforum%2Findex%2Ephp%3Ftopic%3D43405%2E0&share_tid=43405&share_fid=18593&share_type=t

GPU Passthrough on hp gen8 microserver problems


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Ouch, looks like i'd be opening a can of worms. Is this a hardware or software problem that is causing issues with the passthrough?


I won't be using the GPU for display purposes (hashcat cracking)



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It should work jut fine. I haven't (yet) tried it on the G8, but I have it working on much more broken hardware (motherboard with Nvidia NF200 PCIe bridges). At a glance, on the other thread the problem they have is that they are using "managed" passthrough. The other is that they are using multifunction. Both of these are problematic.


Set up a script that runs at startup (e.g. in /etc/sysconfig/modules/) that assigns all devices you want to pass through to a VM to the vfio-pci driver. With that out of the way, assign each device function as a separate PCI device to the guest. Note that you cannot split a device into functions, you have to pass all functions of a device to the same VM. For example, if you are passing a GPU, you have to pass through both the GPU and the HDMI audio device.


Other than that, you _could_ at a push get a 750Ti in the system without overheating and overloading it. My recommendation would be to stick with something like a passively cooled GT630 (or later series rebadges thereof). Alternatively, if you prefer to use an AMD card, the most similar passively cooled single slot card is a HD6450. It's not as performance as the GT630, though. Unfortunately, there are no more recent generation low power GPU chips yet.

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