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Meetup 2016 is almost here!


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Meetup 2016 is shaping up to be the #bestmeetupever.  I really do say that every year but as we get closer to this one it's ringing true again.  Guys are flying in from all over the world this time!  I have tons of give away gear and meetup attendees are bringing more and more.  I bet there will be a nice "for sale" table going as well.


The food is ordered.  A treat is ordered.   A surprise has been ordered.  It's all falling into place!  Now, if I can only pull off my presentation shocker!  You will have to wait until after lunch though but not before Josh Pollard and Richard Gunther demo an amazing topic!  That's right, The DMZ is in the house!


Chris Compton from Home Automation HQ is also here to show off and give away gear.  Dewain Robinson will have an awesome "Pi Tasting."  JonB has a TV calibration demo for us too.  There will also be hands on tables for the Luma and Synology Router 1900AC.  Chris Kenney is on the QNAP.  SchoonDog and Paul Braren too!  John "Joe_Miner" Stutsman is homeless and will be camping out for Meetup 2016!  ;)



If you are anywhere near this Meetup you would be absolutely mental not to attend!  I can take signups up until Friday.  Seriously.  I will increase the food order for each new signup so there is no excuse for you not to start making plans.  Here is the original announcement:  http://homeservershow.com/meetup-2016.html


There is a PayPal link on that post.  You can also sign up via Patreon.  http://patreon.com/davidmccabe  


You have to sign up prior to arrival to secure your food and badge.  This year I'm taking signups right up to the event start.  GET MOVING!!!


The location is: 8900 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis IN 46240 Map here


Accomodations (Walking Distance)
 Hyatt Place  9104 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240 place.hyatt.com (317) 843-0064
 Indianapolis Marriott North 3645 River Crossing Pkwy, Indianapolis, IN 46240 marriott.com (317) 705-0000
Parking is available at the location so get accomodations where you want.  PM me with questions.  PM me with your give away items.

If you need a ride from the airport just leave your message in this or the original meetup thread.  Guys are flying in on Friday.  Literally, all day long.  Folks are driving as well so drop your location in the thread.  Maybe someone can swing by and pick you up for a little gas money.


See you in a few days!

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I'm in at 13:11, 1:11 P.M. for the civilians, if anyone needs a ride. I'm staying at the Hyatt right by the Microsoft Office. 


Leaving 9 AM Sunday, so I can help you out until then getting around. 

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Hey All,

I'm sitting here listening to some tunes and going through the badges.   I have boxes and stuff all over the place!  I need to clean up the HQ so the tour goes off well but for now I have too much to do!

My Friday is full guys.  I'll be at the HQ at tour time but otherwise i have appointments all day long.  I'm also trying to figure out how to be in 3 places at once.  Our main floor AC unit sprung a leak in the coil so it's out and they want to replace it on Friday.  Perfect timing!

Last time I can say this.  NO BADGE, NO MEETUP FOR YOU!  If I don't know you personally you will not get in.  I know most all of you and that is why I'm so protective.  If you want to attend Meetup 2016 you have to RSVP prior to 5 PM Friday the 16th.

HQ Tours

My boys arrive at 4PM and I would like to spend a little time with them so arriving at 4:45 to 5 is good.

Park as many cars in the drive way as possible.  The street gets tight with cars all over the place.  If you have not received the HQ Address please email me or PM me in the forums.  All Patreon donors are eligible but it only runs at 5PM Friday.


Meet at 6:30 at Fry's Electronics.  You can gather in the coffee shop that is in the middle of the store.  Enter the doors, go through the turnstiles, it will be on the middle left.  We can browse for a little bit and that will give me time to setup a dinner spot for us.

7 to 7:30 we will head over to Bubba's which is in the same vicinity as Fry's.  They don't take reservations but I have a plan hatched for them.  If this fails we will go to the Sun King Brewery where we were at last year.

Fry's - 9820 Kincaid Dr, Fishers, IN 46037

Bubba's - 9770 N by NE Blvd, Fishers, IN 46037

Sun King - 7848 E 96th St, Fishers, IN 46037

That should get everyone where you need to be!  



8900 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis IN 46240

Near "The Fashion Mall at Keystone" - 8702 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46240  This is where Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Restoration Hardware, etc are.

If you have gear for presentation please show up at 8 to 8:15.  If you are just hanging  out please arrive no sooner than 8:45.  That will give me a moment to get organized.  It's easy to start chatting with everybody but I have to get us started on time!  Come up to the 9th floor and get your badge.

You must come to the Microsoft store after Meetup!  Have all your family members come as well so we can fill up the store.



Saturday's high is 80 and a low of 65 with an 80% chance of rain! The humidity level will be at 81%.  Warm, muggy, rainy.  How about we stay indoors!  Ha ha.


See you this weekend and please travel safely.



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Sorry to miss this one guys, as this is shaping up to truly the best meetup ever!


if you give a prize for the attendee that traveled the furtest, I'll deserve the booby prize for bozo that had the least distance to go but still didnt make it


no firetrucks this ttime right!

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Very exciting, I wish I could of made it this year but as all the others something always seems to come up. Have a great time everybody, Forums going to be very dark this weekend.

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