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Internet Speed - Are You Overpaying for Internet Speed You Don't Need?


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In a Qwest to reduce my monthly bills the first thing I looked at was my cable & internet bills @236.00 a month I was sure I could save some money here with careful consideration and without loosing to much and without being a cord cutter I decided to do some research I was able to save 103.00 dollars a month without giving up any of my TV programming. Let me set the stage here, I have FiOs internet and TV I was subscribed to one of the the top tier packages that included internet speeds of 150/150 and included there DVR service for a whopping 20.00 a month (crazy) fees for DVR service, No thank you... The first thing I did was cancel the DVR service and the rep also gave me a customer loyalties credit of 5.00 a month so that was a savings of 25.00, I also reduced my internet speed to 75/75 for an extra savings of 10.00 a month so now I saved 35.00 a month after saying thank you and hanging up I decided that savings was not enough and decided to do some research on just how much internet speed do I really need with only 2 of us living in a small 1 bedroom apartment now moving from a house with 5 of us using the internet all the time I was amazed to find out a 50M internet plan is more then enough without over paying for speeds not needed.


So I called Verizon back and reduced my internet from 75/75 to 50/50 and saved another 10.00 a month and that rep also gave me a 5.00 a month customer loyalties credit of 5.00 a month so after this phone call I now saved 50.00 a month without giving up any TV programming. After hanging up I still decided the savings was not enough so I called FiOs back in a last effort to get even more saving but this time I said I was going to cancel my service if Verizon did not reduce my bill even more without me loosing anymore of my services and to my amazement they reduced my bill to 127.00 a month including taxes and fees. That is a huge savings from what I was paying, To be exact its a total savings of 103.00 a month from what I was paying before my 1st phone call to them.


I found a great tool for estimating the type of internet speed you need, It asks you 7 simple questions and will output the internet speed you need, Take a look you maybe able to save a ton of money reducing your internet speed and following my steps above with your provider.


Tool to find out how much internet speed you need https://www.highspeedinternet.com/how-much-internet-speed-do-i-need


Some great info on the internet speed you need is below-

OTT Communications http://www.ottcommunications.com/how-much-internet-speed-do-i-really-need/

Tony Motion https://www.yahoo.com/news/news/choose-the-best-internet-speed-for-you-224440280.html


In closing its your hard earned money, Take the time to try and save money by reading the links and running the tool I provided. All of this info with a little time to make the phone calls saved me 103.00 a month. If your hard earned money does not matter then don't bother and give it to the cable and ISP company otherwise take my advice and you could take a small vacation with the savings.

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We had our issues, many in fact with Charter. I took the "Chicken Challenge", nod to hometechfm podcast.


Then they decided they wanted to deal. I told them it was too late, after 13 phone calls I had had enough and

there was nothing they could do. I kept my internet only, $59, instead of the $79 for internet only that they 

had threatened earlier. Our bill after the first years deal would have gone to over $200. Now $59 for internet

and $30 for PlayStation Vue an we're doing well. Well, Vue buffers, but we'll suffer through.

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