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Allow Local Area Network FTP Scanner Folder Access


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Hi All,


I am setting up a MicroServer with Windows Home Server 2011 running as a file server at my home (local area network).


On my old file server, I was able to scan documents at my Brother MFC and send them directly to a the user's folder on the file-server via FTP.


WHS 2011 is proving a little more challenging to setup.  Could someone please help with how to configure WHS2011?


I've seen the youtube video by Mike on setting up WHS 2011 and FTP, but it only enables one central storage folder, rather than sending scanned documents to a user's individual folder.


any help much appreciated.




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I think a lot of this will depend on the software supplied by the scanner.  You could need to create a Send To profile, or whatever they call it, that would correspond to the destination folder.  That account running the profile would need Read/Write privileges on the destination folder.

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