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Old House, New Network Wiring


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Hi guys, I am a few weeks a way at moving into a (new to me) home that does not have any pre-wire for networking. I have lots of devices that I want to keep on the wired network like Tivo boxes etc. So... any suggestions on how to get wire from one room to another? Any tools or techniques that you found to solve problems?


The House:

Single story ranch, no basement and a garage conversion, so no "messy" area to stick the ugly stuff. 


The Network:


Cox High Speed Internet, several switches and hubs, Luma 3-Pack wireless network, Circle with Disney, 4 - 6 computers, 3 Tivo devices, BluRay players, 2 Apple TV's, and lots of other wireless phones, tablets, and other toys.


So my basic thought is to choose a location for the internet connection and then run some wires from there to the important rooms. I could maybe get a kid to climb through the attic (not my thing anymore) to make some of the runs, but I may just punch through the wall from room to room if it is close. Still have to figure that out. 


I just curious if anyone has a few tips that will make things easier or the big mistakes to avoid. 



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Congrats! Exciting times for sure.


1. Does the house have a crawl space under it? It would be easier to go down then go up.

2. Does each room have COAX for the TV? If it does and your willing to spend some money and save on laber you can use MoCA adapters and get near 1GB speeds http://Actiontec ECB6200K02 Bonded MOCA 2.0 Review - Extend a network with cable TV wires!

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Take a floor plan of the house and draw out where you think everything will be. In most homes the highest concentration of devices tends to be home theater/gaming TV areas. You may be able to make one of those high concentration areas the termination point for your ISP and maybe your main network location. This may minimize cable runs. 

Crawl space or attic are great places to run cable if you need to make several runs. I have had luck running cable under baseboard moldings where the carpet tucks under. The down side is making sharp 90 degree turns. You can also go under a molding to get into the wall and come up into a box on the other side in an adjacent room. Lots of potential ideas. A drawing will help if that is possible.

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Thanks for the suggestions!


I have done the under the baseboard thing in the past and that worked pretty well. The new house has all hardwood floors so it will be much harder to do that unless I take off the baseboard. 


The foundation is a slab so no crawlspace under the house. I think I am limited to either the attic, through the walls, or around the baseboard. I might look at going under eves maybe, but that still puts me pretty high up on the wall. It will be interesting when I have them come out to wire for cable since I don't think there are too many cable runs existing.


I'll have to look into the MOCA stuff and see if that might be an option. 

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I got up in the attic and ran all of my drops. I haven't counted lately, but I'm somewhere around 30 drops. My house was built in 1954, also a ranch style house, and because of that there's no clear line down the walls, they have horizontal 2x4's between the studs. So what I do is go down the inside of a closet wall, then punch through to the other side, then install a wall plate on that side. Yes, you'll have a wire showing on the inside of the closet, but you can tie it to the wall, and you can even paint it to match if you care. I don't bother painting them, nobody ever sees them. For the bedrooms, I even have one of my Ubiquiti APs on the ceiling of a closet for that end of the house.


If you have someone coming out to do cable, you might ask them to "drag this while you go over there". I've done that while having some electrical done. Toss them a $20 bill or something for helping you out.

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