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P222 Battery Life


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How long are these things meant to last?

I've just swapped my heat sink out and noticed that POST is moaning..


263 Smart Array P222 in Slot 1 has one or more cache module batteries/capacitors that are failed. Caching operations such as Expansion, Extension, and Migration are temporarily suspended until the batteries/capacitors are replaced. Please consult the user guide to identify and replace the failed components.


Cant remember how old the card is now tbh, are they not rechargeable through the P222 itself or is it just a normal unit that needs replacing every few years?

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Right, just replaced this, 25 quid from Amazon..


Going to strip the covering off of the old one and see if theres somethnig that can be done about paying over the odds for what it probably little more than a small PCB and a pair of rechargable batteries...

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Ok, so not batteries but capacitors...




Cant see them on the Tecate website though, EOL perhaps?!

At least from their part number we know what specs they have so finding an alternative shouldn't be too hard..


Wonder if the new unit has the same parts in or if they are something else...

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