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Want to make the move from Flexraid-f to Drivepool.....


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Hello All,


It's been some time since I have posted. I've had a lot on my plate lately, and now I'm coming up for some air. I need your help, here is my current setup;


1 - Norco 4220 20TBs UNRaid Server running latest version all disks xfs, and running NFS as the protocol. This is my backup to my Windows 2012 Essentials Server, and I have to say that running the NFS protocol to my Windows 10 Kodi HTPC, ran flawlessly, no buffering whatsoever.


2- Windows 12 Essentials running FlexRaid-F, it has all my Movies, TV-Shows, and some other files I run FreeFileSync to Compare and copy any files to my UnRaid Server, but this is the server where I do all my work. Sadly, I figured out that FlexRaid-F does not support NFS, and FlexRaid-T Raid does. Apparently, I must be out of the time frame that they were offering a discounted price to current members, which I have been one since 2013, so I'd have to shell out the 100 dollars to get T-Raid. I refuse to do that.


This is where DrivePool comes in. back in 2013 I looked at DrivePool, DriveBender, sad to hear about them by the way, and FlexRaid. I already had UnRaid running. I chose FlexRaid because I liked the idea of parity, similar to what UnRaid was giving me, and I know it worked because I had rebuilt a few disks before, on UnRaid that is. I'd hope if there was a failure, Heaven forbid on my Windows Server that FlexRaid would work the same.


FlexRaid-F has worked well for me I can't complain, never could get an answer why my Verify would always fail though, but that's another story. I'm disappointed that after being a loyal member for so long that I have to shell out all that money for T-Raid. Also, if you make major changes to your server you have to buy another license. This is where DrivePool seems more appealing to me.


It is my understanding that DrivePool uses the NFS protocol which will be great for streaming to my HTPC.


So now that I've given you some background, here is my question, and yes I have looked this up on the DrivePool forum and even tried to google it not sure if I used the right search phrases because I come up with nothing. So, this is where you guys come in. There is no formal guide that I have found, if there is one please point me to it, that points out how to use FlexRaid-F as parity, and DrivePool. Actually, the question should be if I did this would I still be able to use Drivepool's NFS capability? If so, how can I get this to work seamlessly without losing any of my data?


I would appreciate all and any advice. Thanks for helping this 'Ole Grumpy Marine.....

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Well, DrivePool doesn't support NFS protocol itself. But you can use the built in NFS Server role in Windows Server, as well as other software such as HaneWin NFS Server without any issues with StableBit DrivePool. 


As for using FlexRAID with StableBit DrivePool:



There are a few posts linked there that talk about using SnapRAID/FlexRAID with StableBit DrivePool to add parity protection to StableBit DrivePool's pools. 



As for "seamlessly", at best, you'll need to move data around, at least a bit.  If the drives you're using are already NTFS formatted, then it's a simple matter of moving the folders into the software's pooling structure (which may or may not wreck your parity setup temporarily).


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Thanks Drashna your response. I actually read that thread regarding the types of parity and the links you had posted there. I apologize for the misunderstanding about NFS being built into DrivePool.

I do have all my drives formatted to NTFS, and moving files around a bit isn't a problem, my only question was an actual walk through, that's why I didn't ask this question on your forum, because I didn't

want to talk about FlexRaid there or have someone talk about it, out of respect of your product. I figured asking here would be a neutral forum to ask this in.


I did send a pm to saitoh183 as I know he has had it working. I am 99 percent sold on your product, for a few reasons. I've heard great things about it since, my initial look at it in 2013, and I appreciate 

your forums and the community as a whole.


Regarding those links, as I said I read them but for some reason it's not sinking in. Hence, the need for a little more help, but thank you again for responding and clarifying some things for me.

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Talking about FlexRAID on the covecube forums is perfectly fine.  There are a  number of regulars there with a good amount of experience with these products, that can help out. 


And not a problem about the NFS stuff. But a heads up, I've used both the HaneWin and built in role. HaneWin's server is a bit more stable, IMO. The built in one had weird issues that caused it to not work 100% reliably. 

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That's good to know, that I can talk about FlexRaid and Drivepool, I'm downloading it right now on the server, and that HaneWin works better than the built in NFS on the 2012 Server. In your honest opinion of course.

So, I'm going to take the dive and take it for a test run.....Thanks...

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Well, open and honest discussion helps everyone.  DrivePool isn't a perfect fit for everyone, and I'd rather point people to what fits their needs, than try to fight to make things fit.  And I know there are at least a few people that recommend us *because* of that. 



and that HaneWin works better than the built in NFS on the 2012 Server. In your honest opinion of course.


Yup. :)


I used to use NFS for PXELinux and for file server stuff.  


With the built in NFS server, I would see very weird issues and odd behavior. And searching, it was very common.  Switching to HaneWin worked better. 

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