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Duplicate File Finder Beta


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I know there are a number of apps out there that finds duplicate files, but I never found one that I liked. So I wrote one.

I'm close to having the features that I was wanting completed. If anyone would like to play with is and provide feed back please let me know. I haven't created a installer yet and you need to have .Net 4.0 installed. The app is 32bit.


Thanks for any interest.


Bill Rockhold

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I wouldnt mind something like this, how does it work out what files are duplicates, simply by name, or does it look at other details as well?

A good question.  Comparing the file hashes would be a start. 


Also, how does it handle duplicates? Delete copies? Link them (eg with hard or symbolic links)?

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How about a queue window, where you can give it a selection of folders to search through, then an output folder where it puts a single copy, then gives you the option to delete some/all of the others..


Lots of ideas and can do some testing if you want.

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The app allows you to pick a root folder and it searches for files in the structure below that root and it remember the size of each file. It then byte compares each file grouped by size to find duplicates. Afterward it displays a tree highlighting the folders that contains duplicate files. Selecting the highlighted folder shows a list of the duplicate files.


You can display all duplicate files, all dups related to a folder or the dups for a specific file. You can then choose to which duplicate files you want to delete, if any. It doesn't do anything automatically.


The app is 32bit.because there is not need to go 64bit (it is not using that much memory and it doesn't provide any speed advantage) and it would limit os support.


Right know it is Windows only, but I'm considering a MacOS version.

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