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Just received the Open Mesh 6.2 Beta for OM5P-AC


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Just received the 6.2 beta today from OM in a private beta test. I'm assuming the public beta is not too far behind. 


If anyone has any questions about the beta or what additional features are list, how performance is, etc, I'll gladly share.


I'm currently at work, but should be returning home within a couple hours to test performance. Otherwise screenshots from CloudTrax is best I can do. 



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So I've tried out the new firmware. I've disabled Layer 7 DPI as it's one of the new features and the note next to it says disabling will rapidly improve Wifi speeds. 


However, I'm actually seeing slower speeds than I was before. Now I'm never topping 40 mbps, which I just don't understand. 


I convinced OM to give me the 6.2 firmware because I'm debating between them and Unifi while both are in their return period. However this incredibly poor speed from OM has near the end of having any interest in them. I REALLY do not understand all the unabashed love for them on the forums here with such slow speeds. AC AP's even less powerful ones and in the same room should easily be seeing 250+ mbps.


I think Unifi has won me over here.

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I've also been unimpressed by the OM speeds. I missed my return period so I still have them laying around but have not had them in service for a few months. 

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6.2 private beta 1 has improved speeds significantly.

Again with the vague answer about speed? What's "significant?" I would expect double or triple speeds to be "significant." What is your before and after of the speeds? I'm barely getting 100 Mbps at 3 feet.



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Good point. My speeds increased from average of approx. 50 Mbps to over 100 Mbps. Honestly wasn't sure what to expect. My Dell XPS 12 laptop's 802.11ac NIC connects at 650-866 Mbps but the data transfer appears slower. Not sure why?

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Good point. My speeds increased from average of approx. 50 Mbps to over 100 Mbps. Honestly wasn't sure what to expect. My Dell XPS 12 laptop's 802.11ac NIC connects at 650-866 Mbps but the data transfer appears slower. Not sure why?

Link rate has little to do with throughput. Link rate is just how fast the wireless adapter and the access point have connected to each other under current conditions. Link rate decreases with distance and obstructions, signal loss. Throughput is effected by the technology of the access point and the number of devices that are sharing that bandwidth, as distance increases link speed will drop as will throughput.

Here are some basics:


Here is more detail on the technical parameters that effect throughput:


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