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Gen8 HP Microserver - Case Upgrade, 9 Hard drives.


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Hi guys


I did a major upgrade to a new Fractal R5 case from the standard HP micro server chassis and thought it might be useful for others looking for more room. 

Even though the mainboard mount points don't line up, it is possible to mount it in a Fractal R5 case but you'll need some thin MDF.   :P


Check the pics out in the linked album;  They aren't in any order. 

I'd insert them here, but the file size is too large.





The standard heat sink can be attached to the mainboard using small bolts and plastic or composite washers.

They torque down more than enough to hold the CPU in place, and it might be a good idea to put some good heat paste on too.

The front mount fans and rear fan (mentioned later) should provide more than enough air flow for passive cooling.

If/when you put Xeon upgrade CPU in, an upgraded heat sink with fan would probably be a good idea.


The mounting board can be attached into the case using small gauge zip ties that fit through the normal screw tower mount points.

You don't have to loop the zip ties around anything, just use the heads of the zip ties to hold them in.  

Have a look at the pics and you should get the idea.  

Make sure that you make the measurements accurate so the sata card lines up with the top rear.

Oh, you'll see that there is a groove taken off the board where the upgrade cards go. 

This is so the sata card tongue can fit down beside the MDF board into the locating slot.


The rear case fan from the Microserver fits in and the cable reaches the mainboard so no issues with fan detection there.

Also, don't forget to transplant the temp sensor to the new case either. 


The PSU is adequate if you are only running HDDs with no VGA card or upgraded CPU, i.e. celeron.

I have since upgraded to a Seasonic G-360 PSU which is gold rated and will more than cover the requirements for the 8 4TB WD disks and Xeon CPU.


It wouldn't be too hard to create a back plate to match the mainboard which I'm not too worried about for the time being.


The only other thing is that you'll need to remove the case wiring loom from the HP and plug it on to the mainboard so you have the connector for power button, indicator lights and USB.

I haven't modded the wiring loom for the time being as I would like the option of being able to put it all back in the original HP MS case if needed. 

You could easily splice the wires off to the Fractal wiring for power, reset, indicator lights and for front USB. 

I have just hung the loom out the back of the case for the time being so I have easy access to the power button and lights.


Anyhow, I think that’s about it for now.


Happy (data) hoarding!   :)


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Different, I'd be looking for a case thats a bit smaller tho personally as all I really need to do is get a bit more cooling to the unit, mmmmm got me thinking again now..

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I have that same case (sitting on the shelf now) but it is really a nice case with PLENTY of room fro drives and cable management.  Nice job of thinking outside the box.

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