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Plex behind a VPN


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Anyone played with a vpn and plex?


I bought a year of PIA's VPN service.


I haven't started running it as of yet as I am wanting to know the best way to do this with my eero setup.


I know i need to port forward to plex but other than that any advice would be appreciated

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Off the bat, you won't be able to access PMS from the internet if traffic from or to it passes through PIA's VPN. All other functions and features of PMS, EXCEPT remote access to your library and external Sync, will still work.


For you to have access to PMS from the internet, you would need to configure port-forwarding on your router. But if traffic has to go through PIA's network, the port-forwarding should also be configured at their end and I'm sure that's not going to be possible. For one, you don't have control of PIA's routers and you won't be able to effect any port-forwarding configuration on their equipment.


What will be possible is to configure your own router in such a way that your PMS doesn't go through the VPN, instead, it 'exits' through the local ISP so port-forwarding on your router would work. All other devices can be routed to the VPN for anonymity. This method is called split-tunneling.

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