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win 10 install bsod inaccessible boot drive


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Hi, I have been setting up my ml10v2 for windows.  I did a fresh install of win 10 pro, with a ssd on port1 of the b120i. Everything was going fine. I have 4 other drives on the other ports.  The bios etc is updated I believe. The hdd seting is ahci legacy.  16gb ram.


All was running fine for a few days under windows, then it updated with the anniversary update, rebooted no problem.


I tried to install hyper-v and a .net 3.x which required several reboots.


Now I just get the bsod and inaccessible boot drive before I get to the login stage.



Is this a known issue in these machines?  Any ideas how to solve this?  The ssd seems fine, I have run checks on it and it never hangs whilst running.


Also, i had problems getting the system to boot of any other port than port 1.  Any solutions to this?  Not planning on using raid.



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