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Circle by Disney and other parental filters

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I have a Circle connected to my network as well and it seems decent enough.  One interesting thing I ran into though was it causing my basic d-link gigabit switch to go out to lunch.  I've been playing with my wireless setup lately quite a bit, testing new devices, changing my firmware to DD-WRT, etc.  While I had two APs online (both serving the same SSIDs) and Circle was paired to that SSID (even though it was also hard-wired to the gigabit switch), when I rebooted the primary AP (the other was just in bridge mode), something would happen such that when the primary AP would come back online, it couldn't see any of the wired devices anymore.  Power cycling the gigabit switch would fix it.  So, after loading DD-WRT on my APs, I was then able to create a hidden SSID (to keep other folks in my family from being confused) only on the primary AP that I used to pair the Circle to.  Since doing so, if I reboot the primary AP, things seem to come back fine now and I haven't had to power cycle my switch anymore.  I have no idea if this has to do with Circle (and it's use of arp spoofing for the router), the switch itself just being too dumb to recognize what's going on, or what.


Just something I had to deal with and thought others might find it interesting.


Oh, and one comment about Circle and it's wireless pairing (which, yes, it seems to require as a backup in case the hardwired connection goes out) ... why-oh-why does it require the existing SSID it's paired with to no longer exist before it will let you reconfigure it to another SSID?  How stupid is that?  Sometimes I wonder if the people designing these things *actually use them*?


Oh, and one final comment ... did anyone else notice that Circle's NIC is only 10/100Mbps?  I have no idea if/how that might affect internet-facing throughput for those that have more than that ... I only have like 50 down and 5 up, so it doesn't much matter to me ... but something I'm curious if anyone else has seen any issues with.  Also, it only pairs wirelessly over 2.4Ghz (802.11 b/g/n), so not sure if that ends up limiting throughput either.  see: https://meetcircle.com/circle/tech-specs/

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For those running this with eero, did you have a problem connecting via wifi? When I tried to pair mine the wifi search feature wouldn't detect anything but if I plugged it in via ethernet cable then it worked fine. Circle tech support said it's a known issue with eero because of the mesh setup and Circle can't differentiate between the connection points with the same SSID.


Has anyone else experienced this?


I had no problems connecting via wifi.  For me set-up was the most difficult part.  I had to reset the Circle a few times to get everything going with the app.  

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