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Adding the Hyper-V Role to a server


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To be honest, all of my VMs are up and running at any given time. ALL of them.  So they're all "online" when I set a backup. 


Also, to make sure, the online/offline value is set based on the active status of the VM when you set it up.



But then again, I suspect that my VMs are playing nice because my file server is shitting itself....

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All of mine are "running" as well. Just the Win10 VM is showing as "Offline" by the backup Utility.

Ok. Same issue here. Appears that Offline designation was causing Hyper-V event errors. In fact, showed fatal errors when that VM was trying to backup while running.

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I thought initially that it might be becasue I had 10GB NICS assigned to those Desktop VM's and the Server's but the servers reported as online.  Added another 1GB NIC to the mix but still no change.  I'm not sweating it, the backup ran just fine.

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