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Does my HP N54L have ECC RAM


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I just purchased a HP N54L Micro Computer and it has 6GB of ram installed, my question is there any way to know if the memory is ECC memory without pulling the mother board out?

I checked in the BIOS and it shows 2-Dimms one a 2GB Dimm the other a 4GB Dimm but no mention of either being a ECC.


Thoughts please

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OK, I checked out the memory and it has to DIMM's both ECC, the 2-GB DIMM is from Micron the other 4-GB DIMM is from Samsung.


Ideally I would like to raise this RAM to 16GB but will accept 8GB if that is the top end limit.

I have upgraded the bios and hot swap now works as well as the extra SATA 3 port.


Where should I go from here?

I was hoping that some one might have extra ECC DIMM's available for sale.


Thanks Again



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Old thread; it appears from my initial testing that the HP Microserver G7 is compatible with Lenovo Thinkserver TS430 memory.  I'm running Memtest86+ on one of my G7s now.  I own a TS430 and pulled the memory out of it and wanted to test it in a G7 for giggles.


A 16 GB (2x8GB ECC UDIMMs) Lenovo Thinkserver TS430 upgrade kit should work. 

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Update; Lenovo Thinkserver TS430 memory does indeed work.  An ECC UDIMM from a TS430 should work in your G7s without issue; a pair of 8 GB UDIMMs are correctly IDed in both the stock and modded BIOSes.  Memtest86+ 5.01 will ID the memory for you.

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