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Windows 10 anniversary update and the connector


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One could indeed export the registry strings after installation of the connector, and keep them for any update shenanigans that might happen after a new Win10 update ;)
As far as I can tell the connector is still installed after a Win10 update, but it's the registry that is somehow messed up in most cases.

I did that for the IP/DNS settings, as Windows was resetting these all the time. Now I'm just running a task on start to keep them 'locked'.
Might be crude, but it works ;)

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Thanks for posting this.  I go crazy after each Windows 10 update with uninstalling the connector, adding skip domain join reg entry and reinstalling.  However on each Win 10 client, I am using the file: Windows10.0-KB2790621-x64.msu which I had managed to save a while ago (it's no longer available for download).  I've never had success with a win 10 client and downloading the installer from the http://server/connect page.


Is that the file you all are using to reinstall the connector on your Win 10 client machines?

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