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Backup Status now "Not set up"


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Hi there!

So, last night, we had to reboot our Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2.  This morning I come in and look at the dash board, and it shows all my devices with a backup status of not setup. 

I don't like using the backup repair tool, because it damaged backups the last time I used it.  

is there a way to like recover the settings, instead of me going through and redoing each of the backups manually? 

When I look at each individual device/computer it shows the previous backups. 

I've restarted the Client backup service and the Windows Management service, to see if that would fix things, no joy there. 




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Did you ever resolve this issue? I have the very same thing. I managed to get two PC's back via the right click Set Up etc.... but that option is not there on two other machines.

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