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Can't anything just work!


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The Microserver is a nice size, a good price, and pretty quiet but it just seem to be not quite functional in important areas.


1) If I use AHCI I can't see my WD80EFRX (this is with two drives and two servers)


2) If I use RAID mode and put my 2.5" HGST in a RAID0 array it throws a drive over temperature error


3) If I use unconfigured RAID then I can't use USB to hold grub for the boot as it can't find the drives.


4) Legacy mode can see the drives!



My frustration is compounded by:



+ All on USB so no boot issues with unconfigured RAID

- 9.10 has terrible interface, jails and plugins are unpredictable (a fresh install yesterday and the plugin was broken)

- 10.0 is looking great but very late and not usable yet (static ip for example just turns off dhcp and doesn't add an ip)



+ Can also see unconfigured RAID drives

- Not suitable for installing on USB

- USB won't boot without having /boot parition and the bootloader on the USB drive, making it a little vulnerable if the USB drive fails.



So I have to use RAID, and can boot to USB or fixed drive if I live with the over temperature issue, but I'm trying to keep the fan speed down.



I might just get a couple of M1015s...

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Sounds like it isn't what you actually need maybe time to get something else like you said. I really want a lenovo ts140 or dell t20 xeon version just can't get the cash together at the moment would still keep the gen8 to chuck in the kids room for backups and to watch movies on


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