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Advice required on PSU for File Server


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Hello Everyone,


I am new here. I am the system administrator for a compute cluster in a Research group in MIT. I am looking for an answer to a specific issue, that is currently causing a downtime for our Cluster. The Distributed file system linked to the server has two hot plug, redundant Power Supply Units, and both of them have failed. The PSU's are made by company called t-win and I can't find anything online about it, except for a few sites in Russian. Any advice on where I can procure the same part, or any other alternatives that I can find in US that would match my requirement would be incredibly helpful. I have left all details I can find about the PSU below:


1) Make: t-win

2) Model Number: PSM-SRA10E-Z-R  (ROHS)

3) AC INPUT: 100-240 V, 43-63 Hz, 15-7A

4) DC OUTPUT: 1010W (MAX)


+12V    83A    -12V   0-0.8A

+5VSB   0-3.5A


SER. NO: T11948794 26E1190089


P/N: B013450001


I have attached a couple of pictures of the PSU along with the post.


Thank You,





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@schoondoggy, Thanks for the reply. What you posted is a case / rack for the PSU. In my case, I have to replace the two failed units, which are 1U, redundant PSU. I have attached a picture of how it looks above.

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The AIC server uses the same PS modules that you are looking for. The Rackmount link has the same modules:



Sencadata made servers using the same swappable power supplies module, see page 108:



You should be able to buy replacements from Senecadata:


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