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Microserver Gen8 Noise issue in RAID mode


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Hi Guys!

Been reading the forums for quite a while now, but so far cant seem to find a description of the issue I am seeing in my MS Gen8.

I basically have the fan issue (Fan running at ~50-70%) when I use the B120i in RAID0 mode.

My config is: G2020T with 16G RAM

250 GB SSD 2.5" in Bay1
3 TB WD Green in Bay2

1 TB WD Black in Bay3

640 GB WD Blue in Bay4


Now every disk is its own RAID0 array on the controller.

When I run this in AHCI the fan issue does not occur... but then I have issues in ESXI with timeouts for the disks in AHCI so forced to use B120i...


System ROM J06 07/16/2015

System ROM Date 07/16/2015

Backup System ROM J06 06/06/2014

iLO Firmware Version 2.30 Aug 19 2015


Firmware on the B120i is 5.00

Software on the Host:

char-hpcru    HP CRU Kernel Module
char-hpilo    hpilo: HP Channel Interface Driver    600.
hp-ams    HP Agentless Management Service    600.10.3.0-15.2494585
hp-conrep    HP Configuration Utility Conrep for ESXi 6.0
hp-esxi-fc-enablement    HP ESXi Fiber Channel Enablement Package for ESXi 6.0.0    600.2.4.6-2494585
hp-smx-provider    HP Insight Management WBEM Providers for ESXi    600.
hpbootcfg    HP ProLiant Boot Configuration Utility for ESXi
hpnmi    HP NMI Sourcing module for ESX 6.0    600.2.3.14-2159203
hponcfg    HP ProLiant Lights-Out Configuration Utility for ESXi
hpssacli    HP Smart Storage Administrator CLI for ESXi
hptestevent    HP ProLiant Test Event Utility for ESXi
scsi-hpdsa    HP Dynamic Smart Array Driver
scsi-hpsa    HP Smart Array SCSI Driver
scsi-hpvsa    HP Dynamic Smart Array Driver
tg3    Driver for HP Ethernet 1Gb 2-port 332i Adapter    3.137l.v60.1

Any ideas? Perhaps more info?

Thanks in advance!

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I will need to do some searching. Someone had a similar issues and found that certain drives were causing the problem. If it is a fully functioning system it may be hard to try, but I would try pulling the 640gb drive. What brand and model is the SSD?

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Removing the WD640 did the trick... its and old laptop HDD and hoped to use it for some storage:))) Guess not the best idea... The SSD is Samsung 840 EVO.

After removing the WD640, I have 9-18% fan speed! Will keep monitoring and update if issue comes back

Thanks schoondoggy! :)

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