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Upgraded to Windows 10, now tray app won't start


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I've upgraded several of my machines to Windows 10, and the Server Essentials Connectors has been tricky to get installed on most of them.  On this latest one, a desktop running Windows 7, I reinstalled the connector after upgrading to Windows 10, but I can't get the tray app to launch now.  I can see in the shared folders, I can get to the dashboard from the Start Menu, but the tray app won't load, so I can't get to the Launchpad.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Connector once, and still no tray app.  Has anyone seen this after the Windows 10 upgrade, and have you been able to resolve it?  Thanks.

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Yup, same here.

And after about a day of spending fixing Win10 issues, I restored my PC back to Win7.
The only problem now is that the connector cannot see the server, as the machine is stated as a Win10 one.

Win10, more trouble than it's worth imho....

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There was an update for Essentials that got pushed last week that fixed the connector issue for sequential upgrades within Windows10.  Might be worth checking into.

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Yes, I had that one installed before the win10 upgrade, as the latest updates for win2012R2.

Didn't work. It seems, at least with an upgrade, there's some stuff not being deleted/replaced on the old connector.
You have the tools in the startmenu, and the connector shows up in the icon list for the taskbar, but it's not there.

Other than that, if you want to use Win10, get a clean install. The upgrade messes up way to much to be useful.



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