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Podcast downloader for Linux


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Hello Everyone,


Just thought I would share this script I found and use to automate podcast downloads.  I use it download video podcasts.

It is called Podget http://podget.sourceforge.net .


It is pretty simple to setup.  It uses wget, grep and other programs that are common to Linux.  Though it could probably be adapted to other *nix's.

Once you setup the podgetrc file.  It contains the configuration for the script.  The directories and other various settings.

The serverlist file is the listing of the podcasts you want to download.  I use this on Debian.  I setup a crontab to run the script every day.  I created another script that copies the files over to my nas and deletes the local copies.


Take care,



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Another option for downloading podcasts is subsonic or madsonic.  Though, it is a bit picky about the RSS feeds.

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I just liked Podget because it was simple to setup.  It is just a bash script that calls programs that are already existing (in most cases) on the box.  It uses text file configuration.  So it does not have a fancy gui/web interface.  I imagine if a person was so inclined.  They would make a web interface for it.  I've spent years using cli's.  (command line interface)  I like using CLI though gui/web have their advantages.  I had a 100+ line batch file with if exist and goto statements that ran my bbs 20 years ago.

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