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Plex and Sonos: Better Together.


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Quickly....you can now play your Plex music on Sonos via the Sonos app.  Here is the long version:



We’re super excited to announce that we’re bringing Plex to Sonos. We’re all massive fans of both the company and their products, and so we’re thrilled to introduce the feature to you.

Home audio is brilliant when it works, and yet can be so infuriating when things go wrong. I still have memories of my dad crawling under the house to connect speaker wires to various rooms so he could control them centrally. I won’t bore you with the details of his battles with giant rodents which also happened to call the crawl space home. This is where Sonos really nails it: The notion of wireless speakers that sound incredibly good and can be effortlessly grouped and even paired is, as Clarke said, indistinguishable from magic. The only cable is the power cable, and if rodents chew on that, well, they’ll be very sad rodents.

With our brand new Sonos service, you can now browse and play your entire Plex music collection on any Sonos device, right from the Sonos app. This means you’ll benefit from our awesome library and discovery features, and your personal music will look better than ever on Sonos. Even if your collection is a total mess, with sonic fingerprinting for our Plex Pass users and metadata for everyone else, you’ll end up with a beautifully organized library.

The other super cool thing is that you’ll be able to access your Plex library from a remote Sonos device. This means if you’ve painstakingly ripped your entire vinyl collection to lossless FLAC, you’ll be able to stream it to your Sonos-equipped cabin in the woods while you craft your luddite manifestos!

Be one of the first to give it a shot! Plex will be in beta to start, available in the Sonos Labs section of the app. For a walk-through on setting it up, click here.

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