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Question regarding VPN and network discovery/share


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I am not sure how if this is supposed to work or not, but I figure I would ask the experts.


I have Win Server 2012 Essentials (ZZZ) running on my home local network. On the home network I have a desktop computer (XXX) running win10 and a tv-receiver (YYY). I also have a laptop running win10 (let's call it QQQ) that is on the network when at home.


When at home all these computers can be seen under the network in explorer and I can browse their shared folders without a problem.


Now when I'm away with my laptop I connect remotely with VPN to my server through SSTP.



Question: Am I supposed to be able to see the other computers on my home local network under network when connected through the VPN? Because I'm not...



I can connect to my server folders though if I use:  \\ZZZ               or     \\ip-of-server

However I cannot connect to the TV-receiver if I try  \\YYY           BUT it works if I use the actual ip of it        \\ip-of-tv-receiver


There doesn't seem to be any consistency in it.


I've made sure that all advanced sharing options are enabled on both server and client.


Is there any settings for the ipv4 with the VPN-connection? Under advanced settings TCP/IP for ipv4 I have this right now:


right now "use standard gateway on remote network" is enabled (checked)

Under DNS tab nothing is enabled.

Under WINS tab "activate NetBIOS over TCP/IP" is enabled.


Any thoughts? :)




Probably should have mentioned that all clients connected to server are through workgroup and not domain!

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