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Is it worth updating my Gen 8 from W7 to W10?


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I simply installed W7 pro and keep getting reminders to update to W10, so is it worth updating? or should I stick with W7?



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That depends heavily on you. 


I'd reocmmend installing it anyways, and roll back if you don't like it. 


This way, you have the "free" part of the upgrade. Just remember, that deadline is in little over a week. 

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I just did the same on my 8.1 pro primary microserver

took ghost image, upgraded

went back to 8.1 pro


I have the option of going to 10 pro at a later date

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Upgrade ... and if you have any problems sort them out .... or go back if you find a major compatibility problem.

I've installed W10 on a 9 year old DELL machine, the original 5 year old HP Microservers and all generations since, ... and cheap new tablets e.g. LINX 1010.

Windows now seems capable of finding nearly all drivers - but you will need the B120i storage driver,

Its free, faster, more secure, improved networking (SMB multichannel, so you can connect up both network ports and double your bandwidth), ... some of the tiles are even useful ...

... and it will be maintained into the future.

You can use Google if you don't like Edge.

Of course NASDAQ:MSFT might screw up and withdraw something or renege and move to subscriptions.

Yeah the start screen and Control Panel functions will be subject to continaully crap tinkering ...

... but in the main its a great upgrade.

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Thanks for your and all the others feedback !! I will update next week and would appreciate reminding where I can find the B120i driver.

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