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ADMIN EDIT - I have pulled this post from another topic and made it a new one.  It provides a bunch of reference material links to Open Mesh.


The original context of this post was in reference to bandsteering in other products.  I have left part of that discussion here:






According to reports Eero does not have bandsteering and its not on there roadmap, As for Luma it does not have bandsteering but it is on there roadmap according to tech support. Don't know what your expecting or looking to get from these devices but if it's WiFi only may I suggest you look at Open-Mash, Its a great device that supports mesh and supports bandsteering as well as supporting PoE for power and has a mobile app to manage it.


Open Mesh website, Lots of options http://www.open-mesh.com/


Network planning guide https://help.cloudtrax.com/hc/en-us/articles/202245580-Part-1-Network-Planning-Guide-Overview


MR1750 for 1st unit https://www.amazon.c...d=IIHQFXTXYZLO4

OM5P-AC for remote arias not covered by the MR1750 https://www.amazon.c...=I193P18ZQ7ZTZT


Youtube setup walk-through 


Open-Mesh Show & Tell on Home Gadget Geeks#247 http://homeserversho...adget-geeks247/


This is a thread where we are talking about the MR1750 http://homeserversho...c-access-point/


Review by John P. 


Review by pcdoc http://thedocsworld.net/mr1750-ac-wireless-access-point/

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