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Has any tried using i5-4570T on a Gen8 PLease


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Hi All,


I am new to this forum, so apologies if I am posting on the wrong place.


I am looking to upgrade my microserver with i5-4570T, but wanted to make sure if any one has already tried this.


Don't want to buy it before knowing it as it costs more than £100.


Your help is much appreciated.


Please also let me know if any other i5's that works.


Kind Regards

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Here is a list of all the CPUs that have been tried and found to work:



If it isn't in the list, all bets are off.


Before you get something other than a Xeon, make sure you definitely don't care about ECC. And before you decide you don't care about ECC, have a read through the following:







TL;DR: Memory errors happen all the time, and as silicon gets smaller and denser, the error rates will go up proportionally. If you find the findings of the above studies concerning, consider that some are as old as 7 years, and memory density has gone up A LOT since then.

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The i5-4570T will NOT work as it's a socket 1150 cpu and the MS has a socket 1155 motherboard...


If I remember correct, the only i5 that will work is the i5-3470T.

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i5-3470T and i5-2390T but these are rare and expensive beasts!


i3 are an inexpensive upgrade! and can be purchased cheaply for £40!




same number of cores and threads as an i5, and faster clock speed!

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Thanks a lot for the quick replies guys. Much appreciated. Such an active forum. 


I will start my hunt for i5-3470T, but as @einsteinagogo said, these are rare and expensive.


Hopefully will try to hunt for a cheaper one. 


Thanks again guys.

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