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Anyone install Windows 10 Pro on this box? Advice on Disk config options?


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HI all,  (long time reader- 1st time posting)

Does anyone have a successful experience running Windows10 Pro on this box?


After a ton of data/disk problems with a combo of my old HP N36L Microserver, Large 3TB Hard Drives, the old BIOS, Win10 Pro and the dreaded "Storage Spaces", I decided to buy a Dell T20 Server (pentium CPU) to start over with a more modern config.   

I'm coming from years of Ubuntu (Desktop GUI) acting as a media server to Windows 10 Pro.  

I don't have experience nor do I want to run a full Windows Server OS or try a hypervisor with a virtualized OS on top.


This T20 Server Box will run as a Home Media Streaming and local file storage for 2 or 3 additional PC/MAC clients at home... I felt Windows 10 Pro should fit the bill...(cheep and easy) if it will work.


I'm also considering 1 disk drive for just the OS and  use Three 3TB WD Red Drives for file storage and backups.

Really looking to protect my file storage and can handle the OS on 1 drive risks.  

I'm considering getting the additional SATA PCIe card for the additional 2 sata3 speed ports.


Any advice about the best way to set up Disks on this box?

-FakeRaid 1 on MB for 2 drives and use the 3rd drive as a local backup target (plus crashplan cloud)?

-Dare I try Windows "Storage Spaces" and Pool 2 drives?  Parity or Mirror... 

I'm Very Open to this communities' suggestions and experiences. 


Thank you in advance!


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I have the Xeon T20, installed Win 10 Pro (for remote desktop and I use Hyper-V).

Added an extra Sata card and fitted 6 drives total:


- SSD for OS

- 3 x 3TB in parity storage spaces for media - music, films etc (i.e. files mainly read rather than written). Parity needs 3 drives minimum.

- 2 x 2TB in 2-way mirror mode storage spaces - for client backups, torrents, shared data etc (i.e. files written/changed more often)


I use Plex and Squeezebox for media duties. This setup has been working flawlessly for several months - really pleased with the T20, near silent, no problems/issues so far, just sits there in a cupboard.


I also came from an N40L + WHS2011. I still use the N40L for backup, and I still use the WHS2011 license as a VM on the T20, for the client backups. You can just use Win 10 for backups, but WHS2011 works well and reliably and I'm used to it!


Good luck!

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thanks for the feedback,  robs.


I'm trying to convince myself to use the Storage Spaces for my 3 3TB disks.  Now thinking I may run Two  3tb drives as a Storage Spaces Mirror or FakeRAID from the controler card./Motherboard.  Then use the 3rd as a local backup disk running a daily backups.

Like you, I'll be running Squeezeserver and Plex.


Have you ever had any issues with the Parity Storage Spaces?   My old HP Microserver kept killing brand new HDs when I was copying over larger Media files, when writing to the disks it was creating disk errors.  thought it was an issue with the HP sata controller mismatched with the larger disks....

Doesn't matter anymore,  WD is sending me all new HD's, but this was why I upgraded to the Dell.


Are your 3 Disks all running with the SATA3 Ports across the 2 MB and 2 on PCIe Card? 



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No issues with storage spaces. Had not used before so had to read up a little on how to set them up etc. Seems there are plenty of horror stories out there from a few years ago, but I got the feeling things have improved with Win 10 so dived in!

I had a (old) drive die in the 3 disc parity set up - just replaced it and it rebuilt, no problem.


Good question on the SATA ports, don't think I even thought about it when I put it together and just had a look. I have one HDD in each storage space coming off the PCIe card - so one for the parity space and one for the mirror space....not sure if that's good or bad! The rest are off the MB. Probably good I guess, in case the board fails, both spaces still intact?

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